9500LB Boss Winch
  • BS 1/2 H2600 sintered bronze bushings
  • HRC 45±2 Carburizing S45C hardened carbon steel gears
  • Stamped planetary gear carriers
  • Cu-Ag contactors (Silvered-alloyed copper)
  • Kevlar brake pads

Strength tested, inspected, serial number tracked and manual includedPart No: EB9500B
ERRP*: $1,199.00

9500LB line drawing

lifetime warranty

Winch Motor


Winch gearbox


Control box


Three Stage Planetary with high quality components.

IP65 waterproof contactor (solenoid) system.

IP55 Rated high quality plug with protective cap.

Winch Motor

electrical cables

Winch gearbox


Control box

hand control

All BOSS series winches have been equipped with Tinned Coated Copper Power Cables with PVC insulation and the additional protection of a fibreglass outer sheath.

This winch is supplied without winch cable, fairlead or clevis hook.

Industrial grade hand control with forward and reverse. 5 meter lead

What's in the Box

  • Winch with laser engraved Serial Number
  • Control Box
  • Hand Control with storage bag
  • Tinned Copper Power Cable kit with Fibreglass Sheath Protection
  • Detailed Instruction Manual
  • Warranty registration Card
  • Winch and Mounting Hardware (Bolts and Nuts)
  • Side mounting Kit for control box
  • Extra long control box mounting bolts
  • Spare Gearbox gasket

Boss Accessories

Tie Bar Extensions

Tie Bar Extensions

For extending tie bar height an extra 25mm (1"). Ideal for competition use.

Part No: FXETN
ERRP*: $22.95

12V Control Box


To suit Boss series winch. Compatible with most 12 volt winches equipped with a series wound motor. Features waterproofed hand control power socket. (Hand control and power cables not included.)

Part No: CB02
ERRP*: $269.00

12V 500 Amp Solenoid


Solenoid only, IP65 waterproof solenoid with Cu-Ag alloy contacts(Silver-alloyed copper).

To suit Boss series winch. Also compatible with most 12 volt winches equipped with a series wound motor.

Part No: DCX500
ERRP*: $169.00

Hand Control


To suit Boss Series winch.

Part No: RC03
ERRP*: $109.00

General Information
Specifications 9500lb (4309kg) - Boss Series
Voltage 12 Volt
Gear Ratio 166:1
Gear Tran 3 Stage Planetary
Clutch Sliding Ring Gear
Motor Type Series Wound
Motor 4.6 Hp, 3.43 Kw
Control Hand Control, 5m lead
Braking Automatic Direct Drive
Drum Hardened Seamless Steel 63mm x 228mm(2.45" x 9")
Cable N/A
Clevis Hook N/A
Overall Dimensions 554mm x 170mm x 190mm (27.82" x 6.7" x 7.5")
Net Weight 25kg
Mounting Bolt Pattern 254mm x 114.3mm (10" x 4.5")
Battery Power Cables 2 x 1900mm x 25mm², Tinned Copper with Sheath Protection
Motor Power Cables 3 x 450mm x 25mm², Tinned Copper with Sheath Protection
Recommended Battery Minimum 650CCA
Performance of 1st Layer
Line Pull Line Speed Motor Amp Draw Current
0 lbs 0 kgs 35.4 Fpm 10.7 Mpm 50 12 Volt
2000 lbs 910 kgs 16.7 Fpm 5.1 Mpm 80 12 Volt
4000 lbs 1816 kgs 12.7 Fpm 3.8 Mpm 150 12 Volt
6000 lbs 2724 kgs 10.6 Fpm 3.2 Mpm 220 12 Volt
8000 lbs 3632 kgs 9.0 Fpm 2.7 Mpm 280 12 Volt
9500 lbs 4309 kgs 7.8 Fpm 2.3 Mpm 330 12 Volt