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Hand winches are a must have accessory if you don’t have an electric winch. The main advantage of a hand winch is it does not rely on the vehicle’s power system and can be used and transferred between vehicles. The 1600kg winch is the most common as its weight is only 12kg making it easy to carry and setup for a recovery. The 3200kg winch has obvious benefits in its capacity however it is a much heavier unit at 23kg which can make a recovery setup more difficult.
Rated Capacity: 3200kg
Cable: 16mm x 20m
Working on a simple principle a set of jaws inside the unit, clamp the wire cable and pull it through the unit. A great feature of the hand winch is that it can operate in both forward and reverse. Shear pins are installed in the winching handle as a safety precaution just in case the load is in excess of the rated winch capacity. It is a good idea to always travel with spare shear pins and each Mean Mother hand winch comes with spare pins located in the handle.

Hand winches are simple to use and maintain although the process of recovering a vehicle can be slow and physically straining on the operator. Stopping during a recovery is not recommended as the unnecessary forces left on the winch and winching lines may cause damage or failure to the product. We recommend the use of a snatch block to reduce strain in these instances. Only use genuine wire cables and do not replace the cable with one that has a different specification to the original.

General Information

Rated Forward Hand Power (N)438
Rated Capacity3200kg (7054lb)
Rated Forward and Backward Travel>28mm
Wire Cable Dimensions20m (65') x 16mm (1/2")
Max. Travelling Load4000kg (8818lb)
Nett weight23kg (50lb)
Unit Dimensions660mm x 325mm x 116mm (25" x 13" x 5")