Cargo Mate® Fishing Rod Holders - 2pk — MEAN MOTHER 4X4
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Cargo Mate® Fishing Rod Holders - 2pk

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We've recently enhanced our Fishing Rod Holders. They're now significantly more durable and long-lasting, featuring improved suction capabilities.

These suction cup holders easily attach to the roof of a vehicle for the safe and convenient storage of fishing rods when traveling. They feature excellent suction and quick fastening grip tape to secure rods.

  • Holds two fishing rods
    1. Remove the reel from the Fishing rod before placing it into the rod carrier
    2. Regularly check that the rod carriers are firmly in place before departing and at regular intervals during the journey.
    3. For added safety you may wish to attach a tie cord to the fishing rods and then to the car.
    4. When the rod carriers are not in use keep the lever in the unlocked position.
    5. Check condition of the suction cap and straps regularly.
    6. Do not leave the rod carriers on the roof when not being used and keep them out of direct sunlight.
    7. Only use the rod carriers for the purpose for which they were intended and in accordance with these instructions.
    8. Ensure that all straps are firmly secured and that any unsecured part of the strap will not flap during the journey.


    Position the rod carriers making sure that the roof surface is flat and completely clean so as not to affect the suction seal. Lightly moisten the suction cap and press down firmly on the middle of the holder.

    Pull the lever over until it locks into place. Check to make sure a good seal has been created. The rod carriers should be positioned so the butt and the tip section of the fishing rods are both secure.

    Always make sure the runners are pointing upward and the reels have been removed to avoid any possible damage to the roof area.

    Pull the strap gently over the rods making sure the strap is firm but not too tight.

    Repeat these procedures on the front holder. Please make sure the strap is secured so that it will not flap during the journey.

    Check rod carriers to make sure they are still firmly attached to the roof and that the rods are correctly strapped in before proceeding on your journey. To remove the carriers just release the suction lever.



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