Roo Repeller Kangaroo & Wildlife Deterrent 4 Pack — MEAN MOTHER 4X4
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Roo Repeller Kangaroo & Wildlife Deterrent 4 Pack

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  1. Warns Kangaroos away from your Vehicle by omitting a high Frequency Sound
  2. Helps keep your Family, your Vehicle and Wildlife Safe by avoiding Collisions
  3. Produced by an Australian Owned and Operated Company that’s been around over 50 Years
  4. Comes in a practical 4 Pack for more Coverage or Spares if 1 or more gets lost
  5. Easy Cleaning. Supplied Key inserts firmly into Base allowing a slide action for Repeller Removal. Simply then clean Repeller under Hot Water
  6. Works up to 2km away in ideal Conditions
  7. The Roo Repellers work at Speeds over 50kph

Easy Installation

The 4 Roo Repellers supplied can be mounted on Horizontal or Sloping Flat Surface including Bumper, Grill and Bull Bar. Adjust so Roo Repeller Mouth is Horizontal and facing Forward when Driving.

Fitting 4 Roo Repellers is ideal, especially if Insect Infestation is a Problem. It is also fine to fit 2 Roo Repellers.

Please Note

Ensure that Surfaces are Clean, Flat and Dry before fastening the Double Sided Tape provided.

Roo Repellers need to be checked regularly for Blockages that can hinder Performance.


Haigh Australia makes no Claim that these Repellers will prevent Collisions with Animals in all Situations.
Efficiency of the Roo Repeller is influenced by certain Terrain, Corners, Car Speed under 50kph, Blocked Repellers and Weather Conditions.


Shipped within 48hrs of Order Nationally

Australian Owned

We've Been around over 50 years so You Know You can Trust Us

Min 12 Months Warranty

Some of our Products have a Lifetime Warranty

Easy Returns

30 Day Return Period


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

On the car and very happy 😊

believe in them 100%

I run our haven wildlife shelter inc. i have been using these for 14 years since I moved to Gippsland. i believed in them so much I brought a box of them and handed them out to anyone that visited our shelter. We were trying to keep people and animals safe! We always drive to the conditions! never drive at 100klm dusk till dawn were you know wildlife lives !

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