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Top 3 Best 4WDs Under $15,000

Top 3 Best 4WDs Under $15,000

So the question is what 4WD do you buy when its going to be used as 4 wheeler and daily drive?

Well here's my top 3 picks to help you out so you don't waste your money on some cheap 4x4!

No. 3 | 89-97 Toyota HiLux

Reliable if not bullet proof HiLux there are still plenty around with spares still readily available. It will often be a great starter 4x4 with ability to be a work ute for apprentices. Maintenance is generally straight forward and DIY’ers shouldn’t have problems maintaining these.

No. 2 | Y60 & Y61 NISSAN PATROL

Biggest issue with these is 3 litre motors failing – and they are expensive to fix. Non turbo 4.2 diesels seem to last and last. For those lucky enough to own a 4.2 Turbo they are reluctant to sell and always vending off keen buyers. Generally still looked as being solid performers.

No. 1 | 80 Series Landcruiser

Iconic and collectable these are likely good investments for collectors as they age. In the meantime, there are many that are still regularly used as day-to-day vehicles and get trips off road on weekends.

If you’ve got the time, dollars, space, and good DIY skills – (or mates with skills) these are worth using and holding on to – with possibility of restoration in future.

Expect that many re-bought and then re-worked and modified as funds become available. We’d like to see some examples and photos shared of your efforts. Expect that there are plenty of patrols, cruisers and hi-lux.

What other vehicles are in this price range that can serve as great starter vehicles suitable for both 4WD and daily drives?

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