How to use a Recovery Board in the Sand | Get out of being Bogged with — MEAN MOTHER 4X4
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How to use a Recovery Board in the Sand | Get out of being Bogged with Pat Callinan

How to use a Recovery Board in the Sand | Get out of being Bogged with Pat Callinan

We'll show you how to use Exitrax by Mean Mother 4x4 Recovery Boards to get you out of being bogged in the sand.

In this video Pat Callinan of Channel 10's hugely popular Pat Callinan's 4x4 Adventures shows you how to use Mean Mother's Exitrax Recovery Boards to get you out of trouble when you get bogged in the sand.

Here are the steps to use them:

1. Make sure you have the right tyre pressures for the terrain. Lowering the pressures gives the tyres a better chance to gain traction on both the terrain and the recovery boards, so drop them if you haven't already by using a set of Tyre Deflators.

2. Use an Exitrax Recovery Board to remove any debris around the tyres and in front of the vehicle. Dig deep enough to wedge the recovery boards as far as possible under the tyres.

3. Wedge the ramp end of the recovery boards under the tyres, with the cleats or lugs facing up. Use as many recovery boards as you have available to make the recovery process easier.

4. Pack sand or mud under the recovery boards if needed to achieve a 45-degree angle. You want to drive up and over the recovery boards, lifting the vehicle out of its predicament.

5. Put the vehicle in low-range first gear and drive forward slowly, avoiding too much throttle or wheelspin that can damage the recovery boards. If the vehicle gets stuck again, repeat the process until you reach solid ground.

6. Once you're out of trouble, grab the boards, shake off any loose sand or mud, and secure them to your vehicle using a set of lockable Exitrax 4x4 Recovery Board Mounts. Remember, to stay safe out there on the beach and tracks!



  1. Designed by a company that's BEEN AROUND FOR OVER 50 YEARS. So you know they know a thing or two about making great products to stay in business this long
  2. Reinforced nylon construction for maximum strength and maximum flex
  3. Comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.
  4. Ultra-tough cleats for superior grip
  5. Smooth, rounded channels help distribute weight evenly
  6. Compatible with the Exi Link linking plate and 4X4 jack base
  7. Strategically placed engagement nodules REDUCE WHEEL SPIN
  8. Ultra-low profile stacking for easy mounting
  9. Compatible with most recovery board mounting systems
  10. Innovative design reduces effort for extraction
  11. Ground engagement teeth reduce board movement during recovery
  12. Balanced handles for comfort while carrying
  13. Comes with a leash for EASY EXTRACTION FROM MUD AND SAND

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