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4x4 Equaliser Straps: Usage and Benefits for Safe Vehicle Recovery

4x4 Equaliser Straps: Usage and Benefits for Safe Vehicle Recovery

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When you're out in the bush tackling a 4WD recovery, your vehicle's chassis copes with a fair bit of stress, so it's crucial not to exceed the rated capacity of your recovery points. Many of people use snatch straps with higher ratings than their recovery points, but that can cause damage to both components. Equaliser straps are a great solution, distributing the load more evenly between two recovery points, virtually doubling the recovery capacity, and reducing the risk of damage.

What is an Equaliser Strap and How Does It Work?

An equaliser strap resembles a short snatch strap but is designed not to stretch. It connects to both sides of the chassis, with the winch, snatch strap, or static sling hooking onto the middle, forming a V shape. To ensure safe and efficient use, it's essential to use a properly rated strap of

Choosing the Right Length for Your Equaliser Strap

correct set up of Equaliser straps

Using a longer equaliser strap reduces the side load on your hooks or recovery points. Ideally, the strap should pull the vehicle's recovery points forward, not inwards and forwards, with an angle greater than 65° from the vehicle.

Using Tree Trunk Protectors as Equalizer Straps

Long and rated tree trunk protectors or rigging slings can serve as equalizer straps if needed. However, always consider the length, condition, and rating of the equipment to ensure safety. Carrying various types of recovery gear can add weight to your vehicle, so choose equipment wisely.

Attaching the Equalizer Strap Safely

When attaching the equaliser strap, avoid creating a literal triangle, which could draw the recovery points together and increase the risk of damage. Instead, attach the strap in a V shape to one recovery point on each side. Minimizing heavy metal shackles by using soft shackles and ensuring no sharp edges are present can also enhance safety and efficiency during vehicle recoveries.

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