5 Tips to Maximize EXITRAX Recovery Boards: Essential Tips for 4X4 Adv — MEAN MOTHER 4X4
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5 Tips to Maximize EXITRAX Recovery Boards: Essential Tips for 4X4 Adventures

5 Tips to Maximize EXITRAX Recovery Boards: Essential Tips for 4X4 Adventures


When it comes to off-road adventures in Australia, having reliable equipment is crucial. Among the many accessories available, Recovery boards stand out as versatile tools for tackling various terrains. Whether you're stuck in sand, mud, or need to level your rooftop tent, these durable boards can be a game-changer. To ensure they last the distance, we've put together 5 essential tips to help you make the most of your traction boards.

Utilize Recovery Boards as Shovels:

Recovery boards are more than just traction aids; they can also serve as shovels. When bogged down in sand or mud, grab your boards by the handles and use them to dig out around the tyres. Creating a gentle ramp from the tyre's bottom to solid ground not only facilitates easier recovery but also allows the boards to get deep under the tyres, enabling the traction lugs to bite effectively.

Secure Your Recovery Boards:

The unfortunate reality is that valuable gear can attract unwanted attention. While stashing your boards inside the 4X4 might seem like a solution, it's not ideal, especially when they're muddy. Instead, mount them securely on your roof rack, out of sight. This positioning ensures easy accessibility from both sides and protects your boards. Look for a reliable mounting system that can accommodate up to four Recovery boards, offers quick-release functionality, and the option to lock them in place.

Avoid Excessive Wheel Spin:

In the 4X4 world, there are trade-offs for every choice you make. Similarly, when it comes to recovery boards, excessive wheel spin can lead to damage. Recovery boards are designed with intelligent lugs to aid tyre grip and forward crawling. However, spinning your wheels aggressively can rip off these lugs or even melt holes through the board. It's better to prioritize control and avoid unnecessary wheel spin to protect both your boards and expensive tyres.

Link Multiple Traction Boards Together:


For those seeking extra traction power, consider increasing your board count. By adding more Recovery boards, you can have one for each wheel when facing extreme situations. Additionally, using linking plates allows you to daisy chain the boards together. This method transforms a muddy rut into a solid pathway customized for your vehicle. The investment in additional boards and linking plates is well worth the enhanced traction they provide.

Leash Your Traction Boards:

Lost traction boards are a common occurrence, particularly at locations like Inskip Point. To prevent this, keep the straps that come with your boards and utilize them wisely. Simply loop the strap through the board handle and lay it out to the side. If the traction board disappears after a successful recovery, you can easily retrieve it by pulling on the leash. This ensures that your valuable kit remains intact and ready for the next adventure.



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