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Grumpy Nev's Top 3 4x4 Recovery Accessories

Grumpy Nev's Top 3 4x4 Recovery Accessories

If you are planning on going off road, you will eventually get bogged, it’s not if but when, whether you drive on rocks, mud, sand or snow it is certain.

The list of 4x4 recovery equipment is almost never ending from shovels to high lift jacks and snatch straps to winches.

Here is my top 3 must haves, for any off road adventure. 

Recovery boards

A set of Recovery Boards are a must have for any 4x4 set up typically for the solo adventurer at a fraction of the cost of a winch. It only takes a few minutes to grab them off the roof racks and place them in the required position and you are on your way and out of trouble.

Exitrax Recovery Boards by Mean Mother 4x4 have been developed from the ground up to withstand immense pressure while offering maximum traction to get you un-bogged.


Tyre Deflator

Having the correct tyre pressure for the terrain you are tackling is vital to safe touring.

By reducing air pressure, you increase the footprint of your tread which spreads the load over a greater surface area increasing traction on loose surfaces such as beach driving. In rocky areas the lowered pressure allows the tyre to adapt to the terrain creating more contact points between tyres and rocks.

The Mean Mother 4x4 tyre deflators allow you to set your preferred tyre pressure and lower all tyres together, saving you time on the tracks.


Air Compressor

    Different terrains call for various tyre pressures. By partnering a 4x4 Air Compressor with Tyre deflators will guarantees you always maintain your required air pressure. And make sure you can re-inflate your tyres before getting back on the road.

    The Mean Mother 4x4 Adventure 4 Air Compressor has a powerful 180L/min Free Air Delivery to handle the toughest of jobs. And a five-year warranty it won’t let you down.


    For further reading on the top 11 4x4 accessories follow.


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