Mean Mother® Adventurer 4 Ultimate Tyre Care Bundle — MEAN MOTHER 4X4
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Mean Mother® Adventurer 4 Ultimate Tyre Care Bundle

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We've put together this convenient and cost saving Bundle of the Mean Mother Adventurer 4 180LPM Air Compressor, Digital 2-in-1 Deflator & Gauge Kit and 28pce Tyre Repair Kit.

Mean Mother Adventurer 4 180LPM Air Compressor:

Most people hunting for a 4x4 Air Compressor give up in frustration because:

  1. They want a powerful unit but don't want to spend a lot of money
  2. They don't really trust buying online because they've had bad experiences in the past
  3. They don't know which 4x4 Air Compressor to choose
  4. Or think they're all the same and come out of the same factory

Well we've solved all of those problems for you with our Mean Mother Air Compressors. Take a look at this:

  1. A Powerful 180L/Min Free Air Delivery F.A.D. It'll handle most jobs you throw at it
  2. 5 year warranty to give you peace of mind. We stand behind our gear if you're not completely satisfied
  3. Designed by an Australian company that's been around for over 50 years
  4. Reliability in an Air Compressor that it won't break down when you need it most. You just don't find this these days
  5. Reasonably priced so it won't break the bank without compromising on quality
  6. We only use the highest quality parts so you know it's good.

The Mean Mother® Adventurer 4 Heavy Duty 12V Air Compressor has been designed for serious off road use.

It’s equipped with all the standard features you’d expect in a compressor of this quality such as thermal overload & circuit breaker protection, as well as a premium wireless remote control.

The First Wireless Remote Control on the Market

The remote allows the user to start and stop the inflation process and get accurate tyre pressure readings without having to go back and forth to the compressor to continually turn it off and on.

The 150PSI/ 1034kPa output will inflate an average 4×4 tyre (205/60R16) in around 2.3 minutes.

Why you Need it

  • Premium wireless remote
  • Powerful 180L/Min F.A.D
  • 5 year warranty
  • 60mm cylinder
  • 0.73hp (0.54Kw) permanent magnet motor with cooling fins
  • 45 minute duty cycle (@40psi)
  • On/Off Power Switch with circuit breaker
  • Thermal cut-out protection
  • Metal Sand Tray fitted with rubber feet
  • 2.4m power leads with quality battery clips
  • 5.0m rubber inflation hose
  • Sturdy In-line dial pressure gauge (0-150psi)
  • Heavy duty Battery Clamps
  • Inbuilt tyre deflator
  • Separate quick connector fitting
  • Screw or thumb lock valve adaptors
  • Heavy duty storage bag included
  • Weighs in at 8.7kg
  • Dimensions: 32.5cm x 15cm x 26.5cm



Don't be the star of a Viral Facebook Post "I got bogged at Fraser Island"

BEFORE you get to the track or beach - GET YOUR TYRE PRESSURES DOWN.

Nothing makes you feel like a mug more than getting bogged as you drive through the softest sand to the beach.

It's all preventable and observing some basic tips will make you look like a pro - and your beach experience will be something super special for you and your family or friends.

Why you need ours 

  • 60mm (2.3") Pressure gauge
  • Pressure range: 0-200PSI
  • Displays psi, kPa, and Bar pressure
  • ANSI Grade B accuracy
  • Shock resistant
  • Easy to read digital face
  • Quick release tyre deflator adaptor
  • Quick release tyre gauge adaptor
  • Storage pouch
  • Stem with pressure release button
  • Rubber protective cover
  • Stainless steel braided flexible air hose with brass quick release adaptor



The Mean Mother tyre repair kit has all the necessary components to complete an emergency repair to a tubeless tyre. The kit features a set of long nose pliers which are handy for removing objects imbedded in the tread.

Kit includes:

1 x long nose pliers
1 x reamer tool
1 x insert tool
2 x allen keys
1 x lubricant
20 x repair cords
1 x knife
1 x storage case.


Shipped within 48hrs of Order Nationally

Australian Owned

We've Been around over 50 years so You Know You can Trust Us

Min 12 Months Warranty

Some of our Products have a Lifetime Warranty

Easy Returns

30 Day Return Period


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