Mean Mother® Ultimate 8 Pce Recovery Kit — MEAN MOTHER 4X4
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Mean Mother® Ultimate 8 Pce Recovery Kit

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Our heavy duty Ultimate 8 piece recovery kit features the highest quality components available, to satisfy even the most extreme off road junkie. This kit carries a 13 tonne kinetic rope, an 8 tonne extension strap, a 12 tonne tree trunk protector, recovery blanket, 2x 14,700kg soft shackles and a pair of leather gloves, neatly packed into the all new large recovery bag.

Having a fully stocked and properly maintained recovery kit is an essential accessory for any 4WD enthusiast. It is very important to have quick and easy accessibility to all your recovery equipment. Each Mean Mother recovery kit has been carefully tailored to include the correct equipment for most recovery situations. Best suited to the 4WD enthusiast who has a winch fitted to their vehicle. Designed to maximise winch capabilities, performance, and versatility. This 8 piece kit offers the ability to self recover or perform a snatching recovery.

Kit includes:

1 x 13,000kg kinetic rope.
1 x 8,000kg winch extension strap (10m x 50mm).
1 x 12,000kg tree trunk protector (3m x 75mm).
2 x 14,700kg soft shackles.
1 x recovery blanket.
1 x pair of recovery gloves.
1 x heavy duty storage bag.

Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS)
It is recommended that the minimum breaking strength of the strap/rope should be between 2 and 3 times the vehicle’s gross vehicle mass (GVM) *GVM means the maximum loaded mass (including the vehicle’s chassis, body, engine, engine fluids, fuel, accessories, driver, passengers and cargo) of a vehicle as specified by the vehicle manufacturer on a plate affixed to the vehicle or assessed by the road authorities in the absence of a plate.

When using a snatch strap/rope carefully follow the safety guidelines set out in the instruction sheet included with each kit.

CautionWhen used in accordance with the “Guidelines for safe use of vehicle Recovery Straps”, vehicles may be recovered with minimal risk of injury to people or damage to vehicle equipment.

All Mean Mother snatch straps are made from quality nylon webbing with 20% elongation. All our snatch straps meet Australian standards.

Guidelines for safe use of Vehicle Recovery Straps – Snatch Straps

 AAAA Snatch Strap Guidelines_compressed

Mean Mother Snatch Rope User Manual 2021 – MMKR95T MMKR13T Manual-min(1)-compressed



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