A High-Lift Rig Demands a High-Lift Jack! — MEAN MOTHER 4X4
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A High-Lift Rig Demands a High-Lift Jack!

A High-Lift Rig Demands a High-Lift Jack!

G'day adventurers! Tony here, back with another tale from the trails. This time, I took my trusty rig on a crawl through the majestic Glass House Mountains. The scenery was unreal - volcanic plugs jutting out from the landscape, golden sunlight dappling through the trees... pure bliss. But as you know, the path less travelled sometimes throws you a curveball.


Sure enough, halfway through the day, I felt a dreaded wobble. Yep, a flat tyre. Now, with my lifted suspension and chunky off-road tyres, a regular jack wouldn't even budge the beast. And admittedly, I was happy to take any excuse to use my big jack.. The Mean Mother High-Lift Jack. This bad boy is built for serious 4WDs, and it's never let me down.

But before you grab your jack and head out, safety first! Here's how I tackled the tyre change:

  1. Park it Right: Find some solid, level ground. Engage the parking brake, chock the wheels you're not jacking up (wedge rocks or logs behind the wheels for good measure), and turn off the engine.

  2. Prep the Jack: The Mean Mother High-Lift Jack comes with handy instructions, but generally, you'll extend the jack body and find the right jacking point on the vehicle.

  3. The Exilink and Exitrax Combo: Now, for the magic touch. Because of my rig's height, I needed a stable base for the jack. Here's where the Exilink and Exitrax Ultimate Series Boards came in. The Exilink is a recovery accessory that connects two Ultimate Series boards together, or fits on top of a board for a stable platform. I put my Ultimate Series board down, then placed the Exilink on them so the jack foot would have maximum stability on the loose dirt.

  4. Jacking Up: Once everything's secure, slowly pump the handle of the Mean Mother. Raise the jack until the flat tyre is a good few inches off the ground.

  5. Changing the Tyre: A high-lift jack is not the same as your normal jack, so you don't want to use it alone. After jacking up, I found a log to support my rig while I changed the tyre. You don't want to only hold up the vehicle with the high-lift jack!

  6. Lowering the Beast: Slowly release the pressure on the jack handle until the tyre touches the ground. Then just clean up, pack up your gear, and you're good to go!

Thanks to the Mean Mother High-Lift Jack, Exitrax, and the Exilink, I was back on the trails in no time. Remember, folks, proper preparation and the right tools can turn a potentially frustrating situation into a minor inconvenience. So, hit those trails with confidence, but always be prepared for the unexpected!


Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some unfinished business with the Glass House Mountains... and maybe a celebratory stop for some fish and chips by the coast!

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