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Weekend Adventures: Gordon Country

Weekend Adventures: Gordon Country

We all have the dream of heading off into the outback and exploring this glorious country, with all its diverse and different terrains and climates, deserts and forests, sand and snow. And with the advent of easily accessible mapping software, social media etc. it’s never been easier.

The one drawback is time, something that is the most precious to all of us. So, achieving the ultimate dream of heading away for extended periods to explore this great country might not be that easy., but there is a way to get a taste of it. Weekend adventures.

Weekend Escapes at Gordon Country

In most of our major cities there are areas only a few hours away that can provide us with a sense of the less travelled roads. One place where you can experience a slice of that adventure is a place called Gordon Country. Nestled only a few hours from Brisbane you will find Gordon Country.

“Gordon Country is located on the Darling Downs in the Goomburra Valley. It is a private family-owned eco-tourism and farming property offering camping, glamping, cabin & caravan stays in pristine bushland – just the way Australia used to be! Our property borders on the Great Dividing Range in SE QLD and incorporates stunning native bushland and large, beautiful reaches of rain forest in the World Heritage listed Main Range National Park at Goomburra.”

“The Goomburra Valley was first settled in 1869 by the Gordon Family and 6 generations later we continue our custodianship of this special part of the World. From a traditional farming background, the property evolved into eco-tourism in 1968 when Sue and Ian Gordon welcomed the first campers into the Valley.”

I spent a day out at Gordon Country visiting the farm and seeing what it had to offer.

After a few hours driving from Brisbane and heading up the Cunninghams range on the way to Warwick was a nice comfortable drive to start with, once you are off the range, that’s when you feel the difference, the air smells different and the temperature changes. You start to see the farms and expansive grazing fields, there is more blue sky, and the horizon looks bigger. Soon you realize that it’s time to turn off the black top and into the country roads and not long after you see the signs to Gordon Country.

Upon arrival you are greeted with the large overhead gantry sign that well and truly announces that you have arrived.

After we parked, we headed to the office to check in and register for the day and pay for our permits for the 4wd park, I will get to that shortly!

The main thing you will notice is the clean and tidy environment. You will be greeted with the most friendly and helpful staff that won’t hesitate to spend the time to get you orientated with your stay and of the facilities. The office is stocked with all your everyday essentials such as bread, milk, party ice and of course, lollies and ice creams for kids! They also have firewood and swap and go available as well.

We spent some time checking out the accommodation, and this is where the Gordon family excels.

From free camping, powered sites, glamping tents and all the way up to self-contained cabins and even a homestead that will sleep 10 people, the choices seem endless. Gordon country is over 4000 acres and there are just too many amazing spots to choose from, so head to the website for more information and a handy map.

There are some amazing walking tracks for those who want a slower, quieter pace to see the property and they cater for all ages as well with a great range of activities for the kids.

For those who like the option not to cook, Gordon Country offers food trucks, coffee vans and even a mobile bakery! Yep, a mobile bakery that bakes fresh every day. These are available at certain times of the year so best to check the Facebook page for announcements of when they are available.


Off-Road Thrills for Every Adventurer

Let’s get into the good part. As I mentioned earlier getting away and exploring our country may not be easy, but Gordon Country gives you just that.

Gordon country has an amazing choice of 4wd tracks to choose from, from easy dirt tracks that will take you through scenic lookout loops along the Great Dividing Range, some muddy tracks to get you all nice and dirty, all the way up to some pretty extreme tracks and the practice playpen to test your capabilities and your nerves!

Overall, the tracks can cater for all levels of experience but are predominantly geared for family friendly experiences.

We enjoyed seeing all ranges of vehicles from family SUVs to well equipped enthusiasts 4wds. No matter what you have you guaranteed to have fun.


Embracing Adventure and Camaraderie

It’s always a good idea to have some basic items with you to make sure if you want to get a little more edgy and test your or your cars limits. They'll help you get yourself out or even help recover someone else. Explore the rest our website to see our great range of recovery gear and accessories.

We had to help one unlucky guest that got a bit stuck on one track that was little muddier than they thought. He had a mate with him but all they had was one snatch rope. So being the giving person that I am, we gave them a lend of some gear and helped them out of the bog. With a handy eight-tonne snatch strap and a recovery board they were on their way.

These are great products to take with you into rugged country.

He was happy, we were happy and that’s what adventuring is about, having fun exploring, testing your limits and your comfort zone, and lending a hand.


Your Gateway to Weekend Adventures

The scenery is spectacular at Gordon Country, from the ranges to the forest. You will hear the Bellbirds sing their songs, cockatoos squawking away, wallaby’s and goannas roaming around, there are a few dams around the property and are great spots to stop off and take a break. You will find Dalrymple creek, a great spot in summer for a cool off and best of all the cows, the kids love the cows.

Start Your Adventure Today

Gordon Country has it all, whatever level of accommodation you like, 4WDing, hiking and more you can spend an easy weekend and come back multiple times having a different adventure each time, grabbing a slice of the big adventure we all dream about without the big expense and most important off all, your time.

Have fun exploring and take care.

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