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Explore™ Caravan Levelling Ramp - Single & Tandem Axle Vehicles - Australian Made

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If you van has tandem axles – this is what you need to level your van

Do you want the EASIEST AND SAFEST Caravan Levelling System available when you turn up at your Caravan site late at night? Of course, you do. You've got better things to do on your Holiday.

Unlike other Caravan Levellers on the market ours has:

↗️ PATENTED LOCKING DESIGN.    Our unique 2 Piece Design allows you to separate and place a Section of the Leveller between Tandem Wheels. Allowing you to drive up on to the Ramp where you then add the Rear Section of the Ramp.

↗️ A 3 STEP LEVELLING HEIGHT SYSTEM.    For Fast and Easy Caravan Levelling from 0mm to 100mm with 3 Platforms that help regulate your Heights

↗️ RAISES WHEELS UP TO 100mm.   The majority of Caravan Levellers don't have the versatility to raise the Caravan to this height. The Caravan Leveller Width is 250mm which is suitable for most Caravans and Motorhomes.

↗️ MAX WEIGHT LOAD 5 TONNE PER AXLE.   So you know this has been designed and tested strong enough for any Situation you will come across.

↗️ WORKS ON SINGLE AND TANDEM AXEL CARAVANS AND TRAILERS.   Works perfectly on Single Axels but ultimately suits 95% of Tandem Axle Caravans/Trailers. The Rear Black Section is removable so the front Red Section can be positioned between the rear Wheels.

↗️ COMES WITH A LIFETIME WARRANTY.   We use only the best materials available, so we stand behind our Levellers 110%.

↗️ AUSTRALIAN DESIGNED AND MADE.   Explore's parent Company Haigh have been around over 50 years. So, we know what we're doing.

↗️ TONS OF ENGINEERING EXPERIENCE BEHIND EVERY CARAVAN LEVELLING RAMP.   As well as countless hours of testing culminating in the Release of a truly ORIGINAL Caravan Levelling Ramp, unlike anything else on the current market.

↗️ HEAVY DUTY TYRE GRIP.   For Maximum hold in Wet, Sandy or Muddy Conditions.

↗️ UV RESISTANT POLYPROPYLENE MATERIAL.   Made from Lightweight UV Resistant Polypropylene these quality Levellers will keep Caravans and Motorhomes level when parked on an uneven Surface. They are completely Rustproof and extremely Durable.

Fitment Note:
Vans with Tandem 13” Wheels and a minimum Distance between Tyre Treads of less than 50cm, may not be able to use these Levellers

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